Welcome to Ed and Sam's great adventure...

On the 2nd of July, 1996, we departed Austin, Texas, on what was to be an 11,455 mile journey across the northwest portion of North America, in our 1970 Volkswagen bus. These pages are devoted to that adventure.

There are several ways to view these contents: read the individual trip reports, which have embedded thumbnail links to the full size jpegs, or, for those who read the reports last summer and just want to see the pictures, go straight to the full size jpegs, and guess at the contents by title. With a fast connection you can veiw the client side image map that shows the route travelled, and links to the individual Trip Reports directly. Modem folks: Sorry about the size-212k was as small as I could get it without losing image quality.

I hope you enjoy these reports half as much as I enjoyed making them.


Where's the image map??

Ok, Ok, give me reports!

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