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While several members of the Hintz family utilize hintz.org email addresses, Ed is the big cheese. Ed has been many things over the years; an opera singer, unix/network sysadmin, a Volkswagen enthusiast, a Macintosh geek, a Linux geek, a Tenor soloist for various churches(most notably a 4+ year stint at University Christian Church in Austin, TX), 5 year member of the NBR New Zealand Opera Chapman Tripp Opera Chorus, a machinist, a college student, a techno/civil libertarian activist, and student helicopter pilot (first solo: 22 Sep. 2003! Yay!). As of this writing, Ed's a Dad, husband, Network Operations Manager, Volunteer Station Officer (and webmaster), Plimmerton VFB, New Zealand Fire Service, and frontman for the Wellington based heavy metal band Red Dawn. Ed's resume is here. Ed's blog is via LiveJournal, and he grudginly accepts our new Facebook overlords. Ed's GPG key is here


What Ed likes: outdoors, animals, gadgets, bass fishing, motorcycles, unix, Mac OS X, crypto, flying, beer, firefighting, opera, heavy metal. What Ed doesn't like: the DMCA and it's ilk, politicians who infringe on our liberties, entities of power that abuse same.

Prior to the blog, Ed ran a mailing list of humorus, interesting, or provacative stuff that he comes accross, the archives are here.

Ed's firefighting links are here.


Ed and family have lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin TX, Sacramento CA, the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently reside in Wellington New Zealand.




Why not?


BSD where possible, Mac OS X on the Desktop, vi and OpenSSH all the way...

If you really want more info, Ed's older webpages can be found here.

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